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A Dancing Bear goes to an all girls party and lets them all eat his dick. It is a male stripper inside a bear costume and he will take that off and unveil a muscular body for the girls to feast on. Unfortunately, not all the girls take off their clothes which is a bummer.

There are 102 videos on Dancing Bear and they don’t update that often but the videos are are amazing. Who would not want to be in a dancing bear costume with all those girls surrounding you? At the end of the night, all the girls already gave the lucky dude a blowjob. For some reason, his dick still stays hard after all that. This website has CFNM galore which means clothed female nude male and that would be a welcome site for some porn fans. Some porn fans would prefer it the other way around which is CMNF or clothed male nude female.

It can be debated on whether or not the content on Dancing Bear is staged or not. However, who would not want to have sex in a party with a lot of people? It is like watching a live show. When the dancing bear unveils his enormous cock to the ladies in attendance, some girls blow it while some girls would rather just watch. This would give a clue on whether or not the video was staged since if it was then all the girls would have probably gotten naked. One of them eventually strips completely naked to get fucked by the guy while the other girls assist her in doing it.

Half of the videos come in HD format and they can either be streamed in an embedded player or downloaded in various formats. The male strippers are not the ones you normally see at strip clubs because you can’t touch them there. In this one, not only can you touch them but you can eat their dick as well. Any guy would want to be a dancing bear in order to be surrounded by hot women but it is not going to be easy.