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Bang Bros Network became so popular because of Bang Bus. Bang Bus has become so creative and witty that a lot of people would want to know who the writers are. The premise is a smart talking cameraman, a goofy looking driver and a random dude drive around the streets of Miami looking to pick up a girl.

They meet all kinds of girls from college students, mothers to good looking models. The cameraman offers the girl some coins and short cash in order to take off all her clothes and have sex with the random dude. Of course, the girl seems hesitant at first as they make it look like she is an amateur. In reality, the entire thing is staged as some girls can be seen in other porn sites. There is a new video each week and the story always becomes different as there are some new twists involved.

The ending would make you feel sorry for the girl as she gets ditched in the middle of nowhere after her private parts just got exposed to the whole world. It would end up with the camera man laughing his ass off because of the dastardly deed they just did. There is a different girl for each episode as sometimes there are two of them. The best part of each episode is when the girl spreads open her ass like a coconut so we could widely see her asshole.

The young generation loves Bang Bus by Bang Bros because of the humor involved in it and everything happens while the bus is still running. There are times when they make fun of the girl as you will notice the cameraman has a dark sense of humor. What matters is they get the girl naked even though there are some episodes when the girl tries to escape their bus so they ended up going to the bank and withdrawing some extra cash despite the pleads of the girl that she is not a hooker.

Let us face the cold hard facts that money is what makes the world go round. There are times when you can’t refuse money when a lot of it is presented right in front of you. All kinds of positions are used by the guy as there are times when he brings out his gigantic cock especially if it is that guy named Jose. That should entice the girl to suck that large cock even if the situation is uncalled for.

You will surely be craving for a new Bang Bus episode every now and then only from the Bang Bros network. It will make you laugh and cum at the same time.