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There are 36 videos over at College Rules and there is also a photo set for each one of them. Each episode is about 40 minutes long while each photo set has around 350 pictures each. All these videos have some hot girls even though we are led to believe that they are user submitted.

Some of the videos take place in a party where everyone is bound to get drunk. Everyone just chooses to have a good time and some girls get lured into having sex. There are obviously a lot of amateurs in these College Rules videos but some of them might be film students since the acting can become quite decent. Some kids planned some weird premises to their videos as there was even a dick measuring contest in one video where the fellows lined up in order to show off to the ladies how big their cocks are. However, it did not really turn out to be good for most of them as some would get delighted while some would be embarrassed.

They claim that they own all the rights to all the content here which means you won’t see the videos here anywhere else. Even if you search for any website that has college porn, you won’t find the videos that are shown here. It is hard to say the chicks here are simply acting since some of them even try to suck on the dicks of some goofy looking nerds so it can be said that these girls obviously got too drunk. It would be hard to convince a hot chick to suck on the balls of a fat guy no matter how much you decide to offer her.

When you take a look at the College Rules updates section, it would be hard to not get hard because all the scenes here look excellent. There is even a shot of three naked chicks in public. There is indeed nothing like public nudity as these girls got some courage to expose their bodies in public.