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There is 2000 hours of watching to do when you want to review the entire Mofos network and that is a heck of a lot. There is 1146 videos with 30 minutes each and all are available for either stream or download. There are also 751 galleries with 200 pictures each and the pictures here just keep on getting better and better.

There is a variety of girls in the Mofos network including black chicks who like to suck on some white cock plus some college chicks who want to party until the sun rises. There are also mothers who like to bang men who are half their age and young famous porn stars like Ruby Knox and Micah Moore.

Real Slut Party is one of the websites in the Mofos network and it has 176 movies and videos. It starts off with an innocent meetup with a group of friends and it ends as always with a bunch of empty bodies and naked bodies. It is always as fun as that and it is the way young people would want to party. It is nice to be wild and free especially if being naked in public is your idea of a fun time.

The website is pretty new as it is only 3 months old but there is a lot of wild stuff going on that you would wish you can join the party. Of course, you would need to have a nice body in order to get the girls to lick your abs. All good fans of porn should immediately get a load of the stuff here as they won’t regret jacking off of the stuff here. Sometimes, you will regret the stuff you jack off of to but that won’t be the case this time around as the girls here are so hot.

Brazzers Discount 2017

Brazzers Discount


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You have to be a fool to not know Brazzers as they have been around supplying good quality porn for quite sometime. The girls here are so gorgeous that you would wish you would have known this site sooner.

Everyone has been talking about Brazzers and they make sure they give something new to their members daily. They know they must please their members because they are the ones who control their future. The owners of the site love being in the world of porn and you can tell by the quality of the stuff they put on here.

They give 30 websites for the price of 1 so if that is not a good deal then I don’t know what is. You are probably living under a rock for the past decade if you haven’t heard of Brazzers as they are simply in a class by themselves when it comes to producing nice porn. There are 5002 episodes available for either streaming or download as the quality of each video screams first class.

There are 5002 galleries with about a thousand pictures each and you know your cock is going to get hard just by looking at the pictures of these nude girls. They are either playing with themselves, doing some tongue licking with another chick or getting pumped hard in the ass with dick from behind. It is all fun in the name of porn as these girls like to get nasty and mean in front of the camera. It put a strong emphasis on the word big as there are big asses, big cocks and big mouths that got to chew on nipple rings and pussy rings. The porn here is so much fun that you would want to recommend this website to your friends and use the reality kings coupon like discount right away.

There are 1200 models and most of them are already familiar names in the world of porn. It is too bad there is a lack of amateur models here as it would be nice to see a girl just starting out in her sex life get banged up in more ways than one. There are some Brazzers websites that have not updated for some time but that is normal for a network that has numerous sites. It is a good thing most of them keep the updates on a daily basis so you would have something to look forward to.

College Rules Discount 2017

College Rules Discount


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There are 36 videos over at College Rules and there is also a photo set for each one of them. Each episode is about 40 minutes long while each photo set has around 350 pictures each. All these videos have some hot girls even though we are led to believe that they are user submitted.

Some of the videos take place in a party where everyone is bound to get drunk. Everyone just chooses to have a good time and some girls get lured into having sex. There are obviously a lot of amateurs in these College Rules videos but some of them might be film students since the acting can become quite decent. Some kids planned some weird premises to their videos as there was even a dick measuring contest in one video where the fellows lined up in order to show off to the ladies how big their cocks are. However, it did not really turn out to be good for most of them as some would get delighted while some would be embarrassed.

They claim that they own all the rights to all the content here which means you won’t see the videos here anywhere else. Even if you search for any website that has college porn, you won’t find the videos that are shown here. It is hard to say the chicks here are simply acting since some of them even try to suck on the dicks of some goofy looking nerds so it can be said that these girls obviously got too drunk. It would be hard to convince a hot chick to suck on the balls of a fat guy no matter how much you decide to offer her.

When you take a look at the College Rules updates section, it would be hard to not get hard because all the scenes here look excellent. There is even a shot of three naked chicks in public. There is indeed nothing like public nudity as these girls got some courage to expose their bodies in public.

Playboy TV Discount 2017

Playboy TV Discount


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The previews over at Playboy TV says that they have a massive amount of porn and the video in the preview page would tell you that you really need to become a member here as they promise a bunch of other quality stuff. They sure deliver in more ways than one as everyone knows what Playboy quality feels like. There are recognizable porn stars as well as amateurs and they all appear in a variety of niches whether it is a threesome or playing around in a school girl outfit.

The only problem with the videos is that they can only be streamed as they can’t be downloaded on to your computer. It is just a shame that you can only play them on your browser so you must choose a good browse since some are not that good for streaming videos. There are no picture sets here either so those who are used to jacking off of pictures of naked girls will be sadly disappointed. You can just pause the videos when they get to the good parts though.

Playboy TV updates itself multiple times weekly so those looking for that factor won’t go home feeling sad. The number of playmates continues to grow all the time with many girls wanting to be part of something extraordinary. They certainly came to the right place since Playboy is already a recognized name in the world of porn. They revamped the website with a neat looking design as they are looking to add freshness to the entire thing. The nice design is something to look forward to.

There are currently 1673 videos each and each one is 35 minutes long. The Playboy TV videos offer a nice sense of variety for every porn fan looking to jack off his cock. There is a live chat here where you can talk to some horny girls if you feel like there is nothing else to do. It is certainly one thing that will get you going if you see the picture of you who you are talking to since you know she is that beautiful. On a side note, there sure are some chicks here with hairy pussies.

GF Revenge Discount 2017

GF Revenge Discount


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On GF Revenge, one might say that ex girlfriends receive their just rewards. What this means is that people who have videos or pictures of their past lovers in sexually compromising situations can submit to this site, and get paid for the material. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, you get some hard currency and mint out revenge on your ex!

The figures currently stand at $ 100 and 1000 for each picture and video respectively. Submitter to the site get “cash satisfaction” while we reap the naughty, freaky, hardcore material from great looking ex girlfriends.

The 273+ movies on this site are produced in POV camera style action. There are some scenes that have a separate cameraman. The fifteen-minute long movies can be streamed and are very entertaining.

There are party scenes, solo scenes, and gal on gal scenes on GF Revenge. There are penetration scenes, blowjobs, masturbation and other hardcore sex scenes to keep you so, so, so hard!

The 283+ picture gallery has some High Res photos. There is a mixture of material on the picture gallery. Some ex girlfriends are posing, some semi nude, others teasing you with slow strip routines, etc. The mixture of material builds up your anticipation levels and sense of adventure, for you never know what you might find!

Belonging to GF Revenge as a member comes with some pros. There is exclusive beautiful material on this site. For bonus material, members enjoy movies from sites like HAPPY TUGS. Therefore, when you are waiting for new updates from GFRevenge, you can view the bonus movies at no extra costs.

Nothing is ever really 100% perfect. GF Revenge has some areas they need to work on, for example, the site lacks the option for saving or downloading your favorite videos. This is a bummer, but the site redeems itself by offering you amateur porn in a completely new context and style. If you really do not mind streaming everything, this site deserves your serious consideration.

EvilAngel Promo Code 2017

EvilAngel Promo Code


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It is said that we all harbor a good and evil side in our personalities. Evil Angel seems to target that “dark side of sexual desire” that many people try so hard to deny. This is why this site has worked extra hard to collect some tantalizing material.

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a member of EvilAngel is the unbelievable amount of variety you will get. Members can access various niches like tranny, babes, solo, masturbation, gaping, anal, DP, blowjobs, facials, Lesbos, licking, big boobs, toys, insertions and many more!

Evil Angel definitely has “big muscle to flex” and the material to keep you totally preoccupied. The sites design might be a bit bland for those who like flashy looking pornsites. However, this fact is quickly forgotten once you watch some of the thumbnails, use the search options, and discover directors, pornstars, and DVD material on the site.

Pros of belonging to Evil Angel include:

  • Huge amount of quality material to watch.
  • Simple navigation features that get you from point A to B very fast.
  • Saving options.
  • Constant updates.

The 8810+ scenes on Evil Angel are waiting for you to download or stream. The scenes come from over 1510 DVD titles. Some of the “heavy hitters in the porn industry” showcase their entertaining content on this site.

Honestly, you simply cannot pick one video over the other cause each one is quality of the highest order. All the scenes have good playback quality with over three thousand videos guaranteed to be in High Def.

Photo lovers will have a lot to smile about thanks to the 3828+ picture gallery. Click on some of your favorite ones, download and marvel at how “sexually evil” cute babes can get at times! One aspect that EvilAngel should work on is providing better search options. At the end of the day, you will still find the material you want.

Watch the live camera shows and see anal beads being thrown into the air by very kinky gals. The thing about EvilAngel is that it does not rest but is constantly improving its services. This means that things for members can only get more sexually exciting in the future. Join now and access copious quality porn from a true porn heavyweight, Evil Angel!