Digital Playground Discount 2017

Digital Playground Discount


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Digital Playground has been around for more than a decade and is a multi-award winner. They offer high quality content and have some of the most famous porn actors in the industry, both old and young. Boasting the finest HD porn quality and high-end digital cameras with their shots being lifelike and enticing. Their teaser images are glossy reflecting without doubt very high production standards exhibiting a no-expenses spared shoot.

Some of Digital Playground’s cast includes young and hot actors like Selena Rose, Jesse Jane and Riley Steele. They have more than 2689 videos which last 100 minutes each for streaming and download purposes. They offer extras like live chat, 3rd party feeds, model index and bonus feeds.

With an organized layout page that offers good pictures of the latest updates, these guys know what they are doing. They offer links to latest updates and previews for those that are still in the making, a behind the scenes kind of thing. Digital Playground’s members are extremely active with or without the updates as shows on their main page. Consistent weekly updates at least 6-8 and they always have more than 12 projects that are being worked on. Their site is great and looks very appealing but their search tools need more improvement. Their search system on date, number of views and popularity is quite shallow. They also have an archive with more than 2689 scenes.

The model index is quite the contrary and it hasn’t been neglected. It is accurate, up to date and deeply detailed. What is missing is model contact information. Good thing is the site keeps undergoing improvement they sure will rectify this soon. The videos are somewhat disappointing since they don’t have the download option. Clients are limited to streaming and that’s a flop because most people like to download for later viewing as most connections take quite long. It is possible to have your own copy though, by buying a download or a DVD copy. There are more than 400 DVD titles for streaming or you can watch on their scenes menu.

The network has new titles weekly and many hardcore scenes full of naughty threesomes, condom less penetrations and various fetish coverage. The scenes are well lit and shot with multiple camera angles giving you a feel of real action. Digital Playground sure deliver quality and despite a few mishaps here and there, they don’t disappoint.

Reality Kings Discount 2017

Reality Kings Discount


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Reality Kings is a huge network with 36 porn sites to pick out. It was launched almost 10 years ago and clearly they have stayed true to their game and name. Their sites contents range from standard hardcore to more intense shows like bukakke and trannies.

This site offers a variety of high quality videos and have maintained their unique reputation through the years. Reality Kings’ layout looks great and is easy to navigate. The search engine is extra fast and reliable. You can find whatever clip or video you are looking for with just a few clicks. All of the sites updates can be filtered by keyword or model name. Members can rate and comment on scenes or favorite their sites. They also have an update calendar to help you know which sites will be updating and when this will occur. This calendar also has an amazing archive full of content from all their previous years. You can find more than 7273 movies, famous clips and photo galleries.

The Reality Kings network sites are consistent with all having identical layouts. Their updates come in a slide of formats with High Definition programming giving a really clear and almost real viewing experience. The playback quality is awesome on both high-end and lower mobile quality. Their video timeline for clip selection is also appropriate. The hard work they have put in truly does show in all sites. Most of these sites update daily keeping viewers entertained and curious and even add new sites.

They do have their faults too. Some of the sites haven’t made updates since 2005 on wards. There are about 15 inactive sites. Most of their old scenes are of poor quality but this could be due to the kind of virtual work done back then. Times have obviously changed and now there is better quality shooting equipment. All in all Reality Kings are certainly among the best and they offer good deals.

NaughtyAmerica Discount 2017

NaughtyAmerica Discount


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One of the more than 35 websites in the NaughtyAmerica network is Naughty Office. It is the kind of office where a lot of hanky panky stuff is going on. The secretaries here do more than taking the calls of their bosses. They also suck their dicks and they get their asses fucked from behind.

My First Sex Teacher is another website in the NaughtyAmerica network that is going to get your fantasies about having sex with your teacher into somewhat a reality. It is pretty obvious that everything here is acted out but at least it lets you go back to your school days when you used to have a crush on your teacher even when she is trying to solve the problem in front of you and she does not know whether she is right or wrong. The only thing important is the “teachers” here strip naked for the lucky students and there was even one time when it was a janitor. That janitor certainly got more than what he wanted when he signed up to clean the toilets.

There are a lot of fantasies that will come true when you visit the NaughtyAmerica network websites and you won’t be disappointed when you sign up for My Friends Hot Mom. You surely had a friend you often visited in his office because he had a hot mother who did nothing but stay at home all day. There are 551 movies and 551 photo sets in this website and it is arguably one of the best in the network.

Enjoy all that Naughty America has to offer, all you have to do is visit the laid back website and join for instant access to the ultimate visual ride.

Bang Bros Discount 2017

Bang Bros Discount


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Bang Bros Network became so popular because of Bang Bus. Bang Bus has become so creative and witty that a lot of people would want to know who the writers are. The premise is a smart talking cameraman, a goofy looking driver and a random dude drive around the streets of Miami looking to pick up a girl.

They meet all kinds of girls from college students, mothers to good looking models. The cameraman offers the girl some coins and short cash in order to take off all her clothes and have sex with the random dude. Of course, the girl seems hesitant at first as they make it look like she is an amateur. In reality, the entire thing is staged as some girls can be seen in other porn sites. There is a new video each week and the story always becomes different as there are some new twists involved.

The ending would make you feel sorry for the girl as she gets ditched in the middle of nowhere after her private parts just got exposed to the whole world. It would end up with the camera man laughing his ass off because of the dastardly deed they just did. There is a different girl for each episode as sometimes there are two of them. The best part of each episode is when the girl spreads open her ass like a coconut so we could widely see her asshole.

The young generation loves Bang Bus by Bang Bros because of the humor involved in it and everything happens while the bus is still running. There are times when they make fun of the girl as you will notice the cameraman has a dark sense of humor. What matters is they get the girl naked even though there are some episodes when the girl tries to escape their bus so they ended up going to the bank and withdrawing some extra cash despite the pleads of the girl that she is not a hooker.

Let us face the cold hard facts that money is what makes the world go round. There are times when you can’t refuse money when a lot of it is presented right in front of you. All kinds of positions are used by the guy as there are times when he brings out his gigantic cock especially if it is that guy named Jose. That should entice the girl to suck that large cock even if the situation is uncalled for.

You will surely be craving for a new Bang Bus episode every now and then only from the Bang Bros network. It will make you laugh and cum at the same time.

Mr Skin Discount 2017

Mr Skin Discount


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Mr Skin is no ordinary site. It is also not a gay site as some of you might be thinking. This site is an amalgamation of movie scenes from television and cinema, whether PG or R rated, that show naked or semi naked scenes.

Many have wanted to collect all those steamy and stimulating scenes from movies and TV. Well, MrSkin has done all the work and now you can enjoy (for lack of a better phrase) “celebrity porn.”

“Do you have a small or large fetish for Hollywood’s biggest female talents like Jolie, Kristen Stewart, Mendes, or Kardashian?” “Are you curious about how many nude scenes your favorite actor or actress has been in?” If this is the kind of material that ‘wets your whistle’, then Mr Skin is perfect for you.

Over 50500+ movie clips are waiting for you on this site. You might not find any picture sets available but the huge amount of movies and clips will sate your “celebrity” appetite. There are some movies in HD format. There is streaming and downloading options.

The video formats offered include mov, mp4, and wmv. The best thing about this site is the navigation. It is simple, straightforward, and very responsive. The alphabet bar arranges the celebs and their naughty material into a nice list.

The Actress category feature enables you to search for material according to color, breast size, body type and other criteria. The constant update of material on Mr Skin gives members fresh material. Members can easily keep track of their favorite star and watch them in some of the sexiest scenes ever recorded.

With each clip on this site, you get information such as actress career rundown and what the movie is about. Interaction is everything and members can talk to MrSkin or each other on chat rooms and forums on the site.

Mr Skin is simply a great celeb porn site. It has garnered notoriety for being a quality database of the hottest Hollywood cuties in some of the hottest Hollywood sex scenes.