VideosZ Discount 2017

VideosZ Discount


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For the past nine years or so, Videos Z has been providing thousands of viewers all over with quality DVDs. Each year they stayed on the internet meant that they had to do some major renovations on their site to remain competitive and relevant.

Content had to be constantly uploaded, the web design has to be restructured, and responsive features added to make it easier for members to find stuff. Critic have applauded the effort VideosZ has put in making sure its game is “tight and sharp.”

The biggest weapon in Videos Z arsenal is the amount of DVD movies it has for members. The site brags of having the most robust collection of DVD movies. Is this true or not? You simply have to judge for yourself.

VideosZ has in its catalog around 13,000 plus DVDs. Content on this site is constantly being added so the above figures are bound to go higher. The DVDs are full length movies and you get 80,000 plus scenes.

This is so much content and covers all the major niches porn lovers enjoy. No downloading limitations, streaming capabilities and mp4, avi, wmv, flash, formats are all features found on Videos Z.

The focus that the site pays towards delivering DVD material has sadly meant that there are no picture galleries for members to download. Cheer up though, since you will be well occupied with watching high quality movies. There are some scenes and DVDs that come in marvelous HD formats.

With this huge amount of content, one might think that searching for content is laborious. There is a nifty search engine and features that allow members to peruse content according to criteria such as category, studio, pornstar, etc.

If you like DP, anal, lesbian, orgy, milf, or amateur porn, you are in luck because VideosZ stocks it all! Select (at your leisure) the kind of kinky DVD you want. Once the choice has been made, you get some synopsis/ info about the performers and the movie.

Whether you stream or download the HD mp4 DVDs, you are definitely going to have some fun on this site. Some of the studios, in fact, produce exclusively for Videos Z. This exclusivity means quality porn.

The material on this site is huge and of high quality. VideosZ proves year after year that it is still one of the highest ranked porn sites with the most DVD content to offer.

Dancing Bear Discount 2017

Dancing Bear Discount


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A Dancing Bear goes to an all girls party and lets them all eat his dick. It is a male stripper inside a bear costume and he will take that off and unveil a muscular body for the girls to feast on. Unfortunately, not all the girls take off their clothes which is a bummer.

There are 102 videos on Dancing Bear and they don’t update that often but the videos are are amazing. Who would not want to be in a dancing bear costume with all those girls surrounding you? At the end of the night, all the girls already gave the lucky dude a blowjob. For some reason, his dick still stays hard after all that. This website has CFNM galore which means clothed female nude male and that would be a welcome site for some porn fans. Some porn fans would prefer it the other way around which is CMNF or clothed male nude female.

It can be debated on whether or not the content on Dancing Bear is staged or not. However, who would not want to have sex in a party with a lot of people? It is like watching a live show. When the dancing bear unveils his enormous cock to the ladies in attendance, some girls blow it while some girls would rather just watch. This would give a clue on whether or not the video was staged since if it was then all the girls would have probably gotten naked. One of them eventually strips completely naked to get fucked by the guy while the other girls assist her in doing it.

Half of the videos come in HD format and they can either be streamed in an embedded player or downloaded in various formats. The male strippers are not the ones you normally see at strip clubs because you can’t touch them there. In this one, not only can you touch them but you can eat their dick as well. Any guy would want to be a dancing bear in order to be surrounded by hot women but it is not going to be easy.

DogFart Discount 2017

DogFart Discount


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Most of the websites at DogFart network involve white girls getting fucked by black dudes. One of them named Cuckold Sessions involve a white dude just standing there while a black dude has sex with his wife. That does sound strange but you never know what is going to happen in the world of porn.

The oldest website in the DogFart network is Blacks on Blondes even though some girls there are not really blondes, at least they ain’t black. The interracial part is the one that’s important as black dudes hammer on the hot white chicks in this website since it is pretty obvious what it is all about from the name alone. There is a search option that searches through the entire network but there is no advanced search available. There are no tags you can use either but that is alright as long as you find what you are looking for and that is some hot chicks getting banged by black dudes with big cocks. Unfortunately, there are some websites in the network that are not updating anymore.

There are 2934 photo sets here from 3370 scenes and they can all be saved in a zip file on DogFart. Each video can be downloaded or streamed in an embedded player if you can’t wait any longer. You are surely going to get new stuff across the net work a lot of times in one week. You have the option to leave comments on each video as well as add it to your list of favorites. There are a couple of gay sites so those sites should be avoided.

All the videos have a write up so you would know what they are all about. All the new ones offer an HD option so that would be great. The older ones are still in good quality even if they are not in HD though. You will love the content here especially if you are a fan of interracial porn. DogFart is one one network where you won’t run out of options as long as you live.